About Solihull Unicycle Club. Who, where, when and how much?

Why a Unicycle club in Solihull?


Oscar riding his Municycle off road

Our club was the brainchild of Oscar who is currently 12 years old and who has been riding a unicycle since he was 8. In September 2014 he asked why there wasn’t a club where more people could meet to enjoy riding Unicycles and when the answer his Dad gave didn’t satisfy him (for the record the response was “because no-one has set one up yet”) he decided that something should be done and now here we are.

When, where and how much is it?



We meet every Sunday night between 5 and 7pm at Light Hall School, Hathaway Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 2PZ It costs £5 for one person or £8 for 2 people to come along which simply pays for the hire of our hall. We welcome everyone from those who’ve never tried to ride a Unicycle to more experienced riders who want a friendly, sociable and fun group to meet and practice their skills. You don’t even need your own unicycle to come along as we have a supply of unicycles of all sizes on which you can learn or you can bring your own unicyle along. The same goes for other circus skills. Matt has a full supply of equipment for people to try for as long as the want or until they decide to buy their own. All we ask is that people respect the equipment, look after it and help tidy away at the end of the night. Please remember children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, unless agreed in advance with Matt.

Insurance and safety

The club is run hosted and insured by Matt Gupwell who is a professional circus skills tutor and as such as full Public Liability insurance (with Equity, the Performers Union as a Variety act) which cover all our activities for up to £10 Million. However, we do stress that unicycling and circus skills have the potential to be dangerous and that it is your responsibility to take due precautions for your children’s safety including wearing helmets and safety pads. We also ask that parents take an active and supportive role in helping their children to learn. We do ask that parents stay during the club as no other member can accept liability for the safety or behavior of someone else’s children. We do have members who hold basic first aid certificates and in the event of an accident we will of course try to help. If would like to come along you don’t need to book but we do ask that you let Matt who manages this site and the Facebook page know in advance, especially if you’d like to borrow a club unicycle. Use the link below to the Facebook page and either send Matt a message or post on the wall. We look forwards to seeing you.

Who can come to the club?

We welcome children aged 6 and over when accompanied by their parents and adults of any age. You don’t need any prior experience or equipment to come along as you can borrow equipment while you learn. We recommend long trousers and trainers with a flat sole for learning to ride unicycles though. Our club aims to be as inclusive as possible. We are all very SEN aware and it doesn’t matter who you are we believe in the saying “different, not less”. Our own children are on the autistic spectrum and we appreciate that sometime people may need more help, more space, a quiet place to chill out or other way of coping. We do ask that parents make us aware of any special needs and ways we can help people to enjoy their time with our club. However, everyone’s enjoyment and safety is of paramount importance. Unsafe, unkind or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and Matt reserves the right to ask children or adults to leave if once asked behaviour/ unsafe actions are not addressed.








 What inspires us?

The following websites and links give you some idea of who and what got us all riding and what keeps us inspired.

http://krisholm.com/ – Considered the Godfather of modern extreme Unicycling he is a hero to thousands of unicycle riders all over the world.

And here is Kris in action below.

Road to Unicon ( a film about a road trip comprising some of the best freestyle riders in the USA on their way to the 2014 Unicon world championshiops.

Above members of the Chinese State Circus performing for Cirque du Soliel.

And below,Yury and Olga performing their signature act in Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza.